impossible to choose track info to event name?

I work mainly in post production. in documentary and fiction mixing.
until now I worked with nuendo 6.5 because the v8 seemed unstable.
Today I am trying nuendo 8 and I am very happy to see that we can choose another name for clips in preference / Event Display / Audio. We have the choice between Media and Audio assets but not Audio proprieties. But I work with a Sound Devices 788 which gives me the tracks name in Track info.
So impossible to choose what interests me the most for editing and mixing.
WHY !!!

Yes. It’s frustrating. Seems to be no way to get that info into the event name. I don’t know why more attributes are not listed in there. Maybe someone else here knows how to get more attributes listed in the menus.
As an alternative, you can display various properties by right clicking on the toolbar but unfortunately ‘track info’ is not available in there either. However you may find an alternative to track info among the other attributes and get this displayed on the infoline.

Thank you for your answer.
But the idea is really to know the name of the tracks of the recorder.
Indeed, for the edition, it is much simpler to know directly on the clip that it is the track of the boom or of a wireless, or a stereo microphone … Especially when we are working on over 2000 clips.
This improvement is interesting but did not go to the end …