impossible to delete audio files

I can not delete a audio file or automation point from the back button (located above enter on a pro macboock in 10.8). I have to go through editing and then deleted. Is there a faster way? My files are not freeze.
Thank you for your reply.

Aloha m,
and interesting question.

So are you saying that you are:

1-In the Project Window

2-You select an audio part/event

3-You hit the ‘delete’ (back button) key

4-And nothing happens?

I have had this to happen before (but only on certain songs)
and I was never able to figure it.

But in my case a re-start did seemed help.


Hello, thank you for your answer.
I just found the solution. In the preference panel deletion was “delete key” when it needs to be “back”.
I thought it was the same but not.
Thanks again

Glad you got it sorted.