Impossible to establish a connection


I have vst connect pro on my desktop with nuendo 11.0.41.
vst connect pro shows up and log in is ok.
Now I can get performer (no steinberg account) to log in.
Message says make sure both side use same version.
My version is
but performer app is
now where to find and don’t know if that is the problem really.
help ?
Also I see that Stinberg downloader says :
VST Connect Pro 5.5.10
VST Connect Performer 5.5.10

but still It installed version on my main computer so yeah… messy… can’t work… steinberg these days really is not easy.

(it’s crasy there’s not a single video that goes all the way through connect procedure on both sides. They all look like “it’s easy it’s cool” and don’t adress any possible issue". The worst video is this one :
explains… nothing for 6min then when it acctually comes to “connect” the video stops !

It always says that when a connection fails, because that implies that it can’t know which version the other side is. The message should say more than that, which is the important part. VST Connect plugin 5.5.20 should work just fine with Performer 5.5.10.
It is actually really simple, so focus and let us know exactly what you do, what does or does not work as expected, and what exactly the message says, along with a bit of info about your systems, so we can try to help.

So i solved this… I’ll maybe do i youtube tuto one day about it. because the problem was that explanations are not helpfull on the manual and no tuto really covered all the procedure in detail. including those weird icons you have to clic on that have no label.
in a world where from zoom to google meet sending an invite is a routine this UI is not ideal to use.