impossible to find Halion sonic se plug-in

Hi to all, I`m new to cubase…and new in music editing :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

after have install cubase 8 AI and update it to version 8.0.40 I got this message:

Impossible to find “Halion sonic se” plug in for any instrument track :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

so I think I,m not able to play any vst because don,t find any plugin…

I run the program on windows 10 with intel i5 processor

Hi and welcome,

Did you install it from DVD or from downloaded ISO? Did you install HALion Sonic SE (not HALion Sonic) with Cubase?

hi thank u for reply.
I install it from downloaded file from steinberg web site.
I didn’t install nothing else apart cubase ai8 and the upgrade.Do I must install something else?
thank u very much

Did you install from the whole ISO? How big is the file, from which you installed?

2.6 gigabyte from steinberg website

I bought a yamaha mixer ag03 and for free I got a licence of cubase ai 8.
no ISO

Martin I’m on windows 10 maybe this can be a probem

2.6 GB… I would expect more. The full Cubase Pro 8.5 has 11GB, but there are more sounds, and also Groove Agent One… Did you download it from your MySteinberg > Downloads?

Win 10 shouldn’t be an issue at all.

yes I download from there :frowning: