Impossible to get Steinberg Download Assistant to install C Pro 10 from C9.5 version

Am I the only one? I bought CPro 10 update from C9.5 version yesterday, to upgrade as I use to do every year since the C8.5 version. But after several attempts the Steinberg Download Assistant still keep on downloading Cubase Pro 10.0.10 and install all others update as halion or groove agent, but Cubase 10, saying any change, on Cubase 10 line, with the mention “Cubase Pro 10 is not installed”.
I entered my activation code in the E.licenser Control and tried to install C10 again, downloaded C10 again from mySteinberg account on Steinberg site but Cubase is still mentioned as uninstalled. Please help. Thx in advance

Hi and welcome,

Download Cubase 10 Full Installer, please.

It isn’t clear from the post how the install process is failing?

After you have used the download assistant, and got to the folder to run setup.exe, how does the installer proceed?
Does is simply fail with no output? Is the installer the uncompressing correctly?

Soz for the twenty questions, just trying to help.

I had trouble installing Cubase LE 10 on Windows until I found these hints on the forums:

  • you must unzip the installer (don’t just click the ZIP and find the files inside)
  • run setup.exe (not the .msi file)

When I first tried it, I didn’t unzip it, so clicking setup.exe didn’t work, so I tried running the Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_10.msi file directly. But that created a partial install, for example Halion and Groove Agent were missing.

Hope this helps!

I had problems to install Cubase Pro 10 from a network path like \server\Installers\Steinberg. I pointed the Steinberg Download Assistant to this location. Installation didn’t complete. I had to copy the downloaded content (unzipped) to a local drive to get it installed properly.