Impossible to hide MixConsole channels which are not located in the center zone of the MixConsole.


MixConsole of the Lower Zoone is not the same MixConsole 1 (in the dedicated window F3). Same as it’s not the same as MixConsole 2 or 3 o4 4 (in Nuendo). If you move one of the Channel in one of the MixConsole, it’s applied in the one MixConsole only.

Hi Martin!

Thanks for chiming in but I believe you’re misunderstanding my issue/explanation. Later on today when I have a chance, I’ll make a few screen captures to show you what I mean. :wink:

Screen capture no. 1
Project & MixConsole windows…

Audio track (located in left zone & visible)
Group (located in centre zone & visible)
Output (located in right zone & visible)

Screen capture no. 2
All of the above (audio, group, output) are hidden but, the audio track channel located in the left zone & the output channel located in the right zone remain visible. :open_mouth:

I hope that I’ve managed to explain/clarify things better this time around.

I see, I got it now and I can reproduce it. I will report this as a bug. Thank you.

You’re welcome Martin, it’s a pleasure to help. And thank you for your attention & expertise, have a great day! :slight_smile:

The bug still exists in version 10.5.12.

And still in 10.5.20…

because it’s not a real bug… and it’s not very important at all

you set a channel hidden and then you tell the mixer to display it in a dedicated area… what should Cubase do?
You expect to hide the channel but I guess not all (programmers) would expect that…

You posted that 4 years ago, on February 2018.
Now we have Cubase 12 and we still cannot hide channels that are on the left and right zone of the lower zone MixConsole.
That works well on the separate MixConsole windows, but not on the project window !
Once I have finished recording, I want to get rid of those input channels which I put on the left zone, without having to put them back into the middle zone.
For goodness sake, fixing things like that do not require insane coding skills !

From Cubase Operation Manual: MixConsole Zones

To lock channels on the left/right of the fader section, click the left or right dots next to the channel names.
Locked channels are excluded from scrolling. They are always visible.

So it’s working as intended.

No it is not. The quote “They are always visible” is obviously referring back to the previous sentence, “Locked channels are excluded from scrolling”.
Visibility should be applied regardless of what zone they are in.

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Let’s just say our disagreement on the obviousness of its obviousity certainly is visible.

@paka @st10ss Why do both of you assert that this is not an issue where it clearly is ?

I just think that according to the documentation it is working as intended. Not that I don’t understand that for some people the hiding working for channels locked into zones wouldn’t be useful. In which case a feature request thread would be the best way to get it implemented.

I suppose pinging someone with access to the bug report system would be the best chance of getting certainty on this.

Forget the freaking documentation, you can’t even understand it properly !
The channels are not locked into zones, they are pinned to the sides and cannot be scrolled along with middle zone channels, that’s what they refer to when saying “they are always visible”.
How do you explain that the external MixConsoles don’t have the issue, but only the project window does ? Do you really think that’s intended ? I think not.

Well, I just tested it again and now agree that there is an issue in the Visibility section. I just am not certain which of the two is the intended end result, should the locked tracks be visible or not.

In the Lower Zone MixConsole selecting all tracks and toggling the Visibilities in the Left Zone removes the visibility check mark from all tracks but still shows the locked tracks. The same thing happens if you right click on the tracks and select Hide Selected Tracks.

Lower Zone MixConsole

Visibility Issue Lower Zone MixConsole

In the MixConsole Window however, selecting all tracks and toggling the Visibility removes the visibility check mark from all tracks and hides all tracks. To add to the confusion, right-clicking on the tracks and selecting Hide Selected Tracks only hides the non-locked tracks and removes the visibility check mark only from them.

MixConsole Window

Visibility Issue MixConsole Window

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Thank you for your well made post.
So there’s definitely an issue that requires the developers to know about.

Still not fixed in 12.0.30. :thinking:

Still not fixed in 12.0.40

Still there in 12.0.50 !

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