Impossible to register Dorico...


I bought Dorico a couple of days ago. I downloaded the software using Steinbergs download manager. I installed Dorico and eLicenser. I also started a account on MySteinberg.

The strange thing is that Dorico doesn’t show under myproducts, it looks like I don’t own anything according to Steinberg. I can see on my bank account that the right amount of money has transferred to Steinberg.

At this point all I have is a purchased product that’s useless. Since it doesn’t show under myproducts It’s impossible to register, and therefore impossible to even start.

I have contacted Steinbergs support two times yesterday and one time today. Only silence so far.

How is this suppose to work!? It seem pretty straight forward for me. I purchase a product and get the necessary information, password etc so I’m able to use it. Nothing have so far worked like that except on one thing, Steinberg has my money. I still have nothing…

Any advice!?


Hello Olfdan,

I just sent an email your way. You haven’t used the activation code you received with your order so far. Please find all the details in my email.

Hey Ed!

Thanks a lot! Everything works fine. I’m looking forward to dive in to Dorico.

All best!

Glad that it worked! Enjoy!