Impossible to write triplet

Hello, I have a measure with triplets. I am in 4/4 and these are simple 1/16 triplets.
It seems that halfway my measure I cannot enter more triplets. I skipped the problematic beat, which is the 3rd, and kept going on. I tried various techniques, like copying and pasting, retyping the whole measure, converting notes to triplets after, but to no avail.
I have a screenshot that illustrate my attempt. I need to write another triplet where there is the 1/8 rest in the first picture.

Can you attach the project?

The green signposts are telling you that there are hidden triplets at that location. If you want to show them consistently, the place to do that is Engraving Options > Tuplets (specifically the options for how many abutting identical tuplets to show before hiding the number, and whether said tuplets need to abut) . You can also show or hide them individually from the properties panel, with either the visible number, bracket or green signpost selected.

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Oh, that’s new!

It may be new to you but it’s certainly not new to Dorico.


Solved, thank you all the same. Dorico just decided non to write the “3” as pianoleo explained.