Impressed with Cubase 6.5

I have been using Cubase since 2001 and had just accepted the bugs and crashes as part of the package of Cubase and almost given up on Steinberg fixing them all (the ones that affected me) like asio crashes and plugin handling errors etc.

I almost bought Logic Pro 9 last week but went with another Cubase update instead and I gotta say I’m glad I did, this last weekend was nothing but pleasure, After 2 years off doing any music I dug out a couple of old projects to work on and nothing went wrong, not a thing. They all opened up and all my VST plugins & rewired (all in x64) reason projects just worked flawlessly, I was able to continue recording & composing where I had left off. Never have I had such a smooth session happen like this with any previous version of Cubase in the past.

I decided to wait until all the software I use became x64 native/compatible and I’ve built the most stable DAW yet with all my KSD’s, VST sounds and plugins working on an impressive workstation (IMHO :smiley: ), there really is no more need for me to upgrade any more software at this point, it totally does what I want and I could not ask for anything more.

I’ve come to a really good workflow with my new faderport, (touch sensitive faders are awesome btw) mixing on the fly while composing is so much quicker than the old 01X I was using (R.I.P. MLAN). I have not enjoyed the music making experience like this before, all because it just works, it took long enough for the dev’s to come through so thank you Steinberg dev’s.

Despite the stigma i attribute to steinberg/yamaha equipment (MLAN case in point) I suppose i may consider that CMC-QC controller now, since it looks so useful and reasonably priced.

Congratulations !

That was a very wise decision.

Enjoy Cubase 6.5 , I’m sure Cubase 7 will be a jaw dropper DAW.

Oh… by the way, LP9 (Sucks big time), used it for three years, just to find out I couldn’t stand using it, Cubase is the way to go. :mrgreen: