Impressed with VST Bass Amp

Did not expect to hear what came out of this plugin. I don’t know who coded it, but if I find out I’ll buy 'em a box of chocolates.

I started playing bass when I was 12. Don’t play much anymore, though I still own a '78 Precision. But outside of my own playing I’ve recorded lots of “big name” players over the years in “real” rooms on a couple of different continents.

This thing sounds good to me. I’m almost shocked. Good one, Steinberg.

Agreed. It does sounds great!

All of the new plugins are great actually. The Quadrafuzz and Multiband Envelope Shaper are both now essential for me.


Yep. Bass plug sounds excellent.

Preferred now over any of my other (many) emulations.


Aloha guys.

And same here. Steiny has another winner with the bass plug in Cubase Pro.

With my 1st ‘audition’ try (listening on its own) I was not overly impressed
but while doing a mix I tried it again and then realized how nicely the sound(s) ‘sit’ in the mix.

I have even used it on a couple of kick drums.

To my ears the VST Bass plug is a real ‘diamond in the rough’.