Impressions and questions.

Hello everyone! Anyone knows: 1. How can I remove a blank page from the Dorico project? 2. Is it possible to optimize a project in Dorico with the push of a button, as in Sibelius? I bought a transition to Dorico Pro 2 Education in addition to my Sibelius Ultimate Education as it turned out not to be too burdensome for my skinny wallet. It seemed to me too complicated this app after Sibelius. I was almost upset, but it turned out that Dorico set of notes with MIDI keyboard is more convenient than Sibelius! A very important advantage for me Dorico - the ability to write dimensionless music (I hope I put it correctly). Now there is no problem to record old Russian Orthodox music. For this opportunity, I thank the creators of the app Dorico! Obviously, I will have a lot of questions and impressions in the future, but I think I will end here. Goodbye, everyone!

If there’s a blank page, there must be an override somewhere. Go to Engrave mode and look in the top right corner for the blank page is. It will have a red corner, indicating an override. Right-click the page and press “Remove Override(s)”.

I think you tried to upload a picture - have another go, it didn’t work.

Very good, thank you very much.

I don’t understand your second question. What do you mean by “optimize”?

In Sibelius, there’s a button called “optimize spacing” that fixes vertical spacing on pages where things have been moved around. Dorico doesn’t have an equivalent button, and doesn’t generally need one - it adjusts staff spacing automatically as it goes along.

If you find that you need to drag items around in Engrave mode, try turning off “Avoid collisions” in the properties panel.

  • Oh, yeah, that’s what I mean. Thanks.

You’ll notice that in Layout options (cmd/ctrl-alt-shift-L)>Vertical spacing, there’s a justification thing… Set the first number to 60% or 50% and you’ll notice that no matter how big or little you set the space size, your pages should be filled nicely (like with Sibelius optimize spacing), but with no need to push a button.

Thank. Now I am gaining notes in Dorico. I use your advice in practice.

Please read Dan Kreider’s Beginner’s guide to Dorico, it’s very useful to get you started very quickly and efficiently!’s%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

Thank. I’ll do it.