Impressions of C7

Just felt like I had to weigh in after using C7 for a few weeks now. I’m confining my comments to what’s new or different in C7 over C6 with the following exception:

I really wish we had pro tools style drum editing. Slicing is no good if you use cymbals in your drum kit, which everyone does. That’s why I still have to export my drum tracks to pro tools for timing correction. Maybe I’m missing how to do this in Cubase without slicing but man, I’ve looked and I can’t find it.

Here’s what I like in C7:

  1. The mixer is much easier on my eyes. (personal preference of course)
  2. I think I hear a sound improvement over C6.x. (most think I’m making this up)
  3. I love that I can put ARC2 in the studio for a specific set of speakers instead of the master channel. This keeps me from having to turn it on and off.
  4. I like the left hand channel selector capabilities and that you can hide it.
  5. I like the quick channel linking.
  6. I like the full blown linking where you can pick the attributes of the channels to link.
  7. I like having pictures in the middle of the channel. Helps considering how tall a channel can get now.

Here’s what I don’t like:

  1. Various mixer bugs. (see the issues list for a ton of these, I hate that there are so many)
  2. Channel names unreadable.
  3. Insert names unreadable. This was a problem in C6.x as well, depending on the plugin manufacture, but much worse in C7.0.5. We really need to make our own aliases for insert display (ex. 1073 instead of UAD Neve 1073).
  4. Too much clicking to work the mixer. (all been said before in many other posts)
  5. Should have included more stock pictures for the channels.
  6. No key commands for channel selector and studio mixer (the one in the mix console, not the floating one)

Given the above, I’m trying to stay with C7 and not drop back to C6. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Set Definition From Tempo Is good for drums that wander, maybe not for big edits but will tighten up drums a treat.

Excellent idea.