Imprint (Cast/Mold) "Strength" settings don't work

Has anyone else noticed that the “Strength” settings in the imprint process don’t seem to do anything? I have tested it on my Spectralayers 10 for both Imprint and Mold, and I get identical results not matter where the “Strength” slider is. Same result for 0% and 100% strength for example.

I feel like it used to work in earlier versions, but I checked my Spectra10 and 9 and it doesn’t work (for me). Maybe it was in 8, or 7 but that’s on another older computer…

Maybe there’s a fix for this? It’s such a cool feature. For now I’d have to use two copies of audio (one imprinted and one raw) and blend them together to get something less than 100%…


Hmm, yes, I can confirm this issue on my side too, using Win 11 pro 22H2 and latest SpectraLayers 10.0.20, but also in older SpectraLayers 9.0.20.
I just did a quick test in both applications with Cast and Mold. When individually applied to two or more duplicated layers from the same source layer, just with different settings for “Strength” (keeping the same settings for “Margin”, and also the same FFT settings), the results cancel each other out, when inverting the phase of one processed layer.

Furthermore, it seems like since the 10.0.20 update I need to apply Cast more often to remove all common frequencies. Testing with a source layer and a duplicate of that for processing, in 9.0.20 (and I think up until 10.0.10) I have to apply Cast 2 times to ‘mute’ the processed layer, in 10.0.20 I have to apply Cast 4 times. This might be connected to the “Strength” setting not working?!

ah good. I’m glad I wasn’t just doing something wrong. :blush: But it would be awesome if it works again. I thought it used to, but I might be remembering wrong…

I also have noticed that cast doesn’t remove 100%, even when at 100% and doing it again tends to remove more, which seems odd.

I really love the idea of this function and hope it all gets ironed out. I’ve always been very curious to understand the exact mechanics of it, and would love to know how it actually works, besides my own trial and error investigations. Like, if you have a violin playing at -12db would it only remove 12db from whatever you’re casting, or should it strip out any sound where there’s information, no matter how quiet… And given that, do you need to level match the two sources to get the best result…?

I can indeed repro the issue. This will be fixed in patch 3 (coming by the end of this month).


awesome! Looking forward to it, thanks!

Tip: Lower the volume gain for the layer you are casting from.