Improperly Hidden Percussion Rests in Condensed Score

Hi all, I posted this a couple days ago in the Facebook group but didn’t find a good solution or workaround for this issue. This is a rather urgent issue as it needs to be delivered by the end of this week.

As you can see below, when switching from the Wood Block part to the Chime part, there are rests improperly hidden by the clef change. The line above it (with the Crotales and Snare Drum) shows the proper rests.

This seems to consistently occur when the clef change is in the same bar as the next instrument’s entry, and it basically seems like the clef covers up where the rests would be and does not reposition them, instead choosing to just hide it instead for some reason. Luckily I don’t have more than a few of such changes in this project, but this would be an even more serious issue had there been more instances of this. I have not checked this in other instruments than percussion, but it’s possible this may also occur with clef changes in other doubling parts, like a sax and a bassoon, etc.

Forcing the duration of the rests in either part does not fix this issue. The condensing between these two instruments (and other instruments where this occurs) work fine in other locations when there is a change that is further away than a bar.

Ideally I would be able to avoid this entirely by creating a percussion kit with both pitched and unpitched percussion, but at the moment that is impossible as far as I have tried. On a related note, for quick changes in a situation like this where they are being played simultaneously, there seems to be no way to have both of them function on one 5-line staff. There does seem to be some possibility of it with other presentations, but I do not wish to use the other options with grids or single lines. Hopefully this common situation will be addressed in a future update.

Beside all of that, however, what can I do to remedy this problem right now? I am hoping there is a better potential fix or workaround than essentially creating a new staff or instrument for this when all of the other instances seem to work fine.

Thank you in advance, and hope to have this fixed soon!

This problem is known and there already have been threads about this problem when there’s an instrument change… You should probably search the forum. But still, someone will probably chime in and help you.
It’s on the Team’s radar, for what it is worth (and it’s not nothing, with that Team)!

Quote from Daniel Spreadbury: Rests can go missing when you have instrument changes within a bar, which is a limitation at the moment; we plan to address this at some point in the future but I can’t say when it will be.

Ah, I will take a look; nothing came up for percussion for me so maybe I was too specific there. Any workarounds anyone finds would certainly be helpful - I’ll do some searching myself as well.

When you have an instrument change that occurs mid-bar, you (for the time being, since we do of course plan to address this in future) need to make sure that there is an explicit rest that starts at the same position as the transition from the old instrument to the new in the new (changed-to) instrument.

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