Improve AVID AAF Workflow with Poly Files

As of now, my AVID workflow is to have my editor export a
referenced AAF which I import into N6, re-link to the source poly’s, then
create the necessary amount of 10.0 tracks and move the
regions onto those tracks. Then I select project -> convert tracks and
split those tracks back into mono tracks and re-label them by hand
according to the iXML data.

It would be fantastic if Nuendo gave me an option window upon the AAF
import that would automatically create poly tracks according to the
amount of channels within BWAV files and a further option to split
these into mono channels upon import. Either that, or if there was a
macro that would do this after importing it would be helpful.

I would also love the option to name tracks according to the metadata.

Much better than AAF.