Improve Cubase Installer Intelligence and Forum Experience for new users

3 suggestions:

  1. Make the Cubase installer check and warn users of any plugins which are known to be incompatible with the update before proceeding. I updated to Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.20 and it broke the previous version of Halion which presumably Steinberg are aware would happen but I don’t remember seeing a clear warning to update Halion or being asked if I wanted to cancel the update.

  2. Hire a temp to clear the backlog of moderation of new users posting here. 4 days is way too long.

  3. After clearing moderated posts, change the post date/time to the time they are actually cleared and appear in the forum, so that they are not buried in the forum. I waited for 4 days for my request to be posted and then saw it was buried under the following 4 days of un-moderated posts that came after it.

  1. Don’t think this is really possible because when Cubase checks to see if a VST works on your system it is specific to your hardware and software configuration not some generalized “average” configuration for the general population. Some things might well work on one system and not another. In order to test how things work on your system it needs to perform the test on your system which kinda means Cubase must already be installed. Also older versions of Halion don’t tend to break so something else is likely involved. So presumably you presumed that… :astonished:

  2. This is a user to user forum although there are Steinberg folks on it mostly on their own personal time. You may be expecting the forum community to behave in a way that we don’t. :sunglasses:

  3. The first time anyone submits to these forums it requires a mod to OK that single initial post. We used to be flooded with trolls - the approval requirement cleared that problem up immediately. FYI, many of the mods are just regular Cubase users who volunteer their time to moderate and receive no compensation. If they are not working fast enough to meet your speed criteria I suppose we could poke them with a sharp stick to encourage them to work faster. But it would be a shame if it came to that. :wink:

Wait. What? Ouch! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your reply.

  1. In my case Halion broke (specifically stuck notes when editing MIDI events) after I installed the Cubase update. I removed the issue by updating Halion. Not sure where else this could point to but I agree that there could be some other factor I am unaware of. I did initially go looking for possible new or changed default editor or MIDI configuration settings etc in the Cubase 10.0.20 update that could explain the stuck notes before I finally discovered the issue was Halion-specific - as other VSTs did not have the same stuck notes issue. I would still be curious to know specifically what was the root cause of the problem but perhaps I may never know, unless others happen to encounter and report similar…

Maybe it would not have helped in this case unless Steinberg were aware of possible version incompatibilities, but in general I think that a warning to update any known affected plugins that a user might have installed might be justified and do-able if interrogating and giving system-specific advice is considered too complex to implement. Maybe warnings sometimes already do get issued, not sure. I recall reading something about Padshop Pro versions incompatibilities somewhere, probably in this forum…

  1. & 3…
    You are correct that I was not aware that paid employees of Steinberg don’t run this forum - but Steinberg state: “Our community forums are open to all Steinberg software or hardware users…” and it appears to be the primary support gateway. So if a 4 day wait is typical my point is that perhaps Steinberg should fund someone specifically to address the backlog. It does not seem reasonable to expect unpaid moderators to prioritise this.

I’m not trying to criticise anyone’s efforts individually here, so please don’t take this personally, anybody, but maybe there are some improvements that could be made in the ways of doing some of these things… e.g. when the queue is likely to be long, perhaps new posters could at least be notified that there may be several days of delay before a first post is approved. Or maybe there could even be a unique forum approval magic code supplied with each Steinberg product so that when added to a post’s subject line, a first post gets waved straight through, if this is a recurring problem.

Official Steinberg support here? No not at all.

In most locations you should use your MySteinberg account (where your products are registered) where you can submit a support request directly to Steinberg support. There are some locations, Russia for example, where support is handled by third parties with varied results. I assume this is because of some country specific laws or other local situation. In the US I’ve always gotten an initial response in 0-2 working days. But users in some locations report long wait times.

Under any circumstances the forum is not the way to submit a support request to Steinberg. However there are a bunch of folks on the forum who collectively know more about Cubase than anyone. Sometimes this means we can ID a problem faster than official support simply because someone here has already experienced it. And as far as workflow questions, you’ll generally get a wide variety of suggestions. FYI we encourage folks to put their DAW configuration info in their signature making it easier for folks who reply to understand what’s involved.

If your post doesn’t get any responses, it is typically for one of these reasons:

  1. It is not clearly written & no one understands what’s being asked.
  2. Folks who might know, didn’t notice the question when scanning topics.
    2A. The subject line omits info that would attract the right eyeballs (i.e. if your issue involves EUCON make sure “EUCON” is in the subject line.
  3. Something so truly weird everyone is baffled. Usually this will elicit lots of speculation & not silence, but sometimes depending on… no one has anything to offer.

The Installer should automatically port over settings from previous versions without fail. Full stop.