I have always been asking for a better Drum sequencer. But now i think this area " Drum editor" can be empowered to work more like a sequencer just by adding few functionalities.
…Steinberg just add the following features…

  1. Drag and drop of samples from the right straight to the selected channel on the Drum editor, to replace or add.
  2. To add some controllers like volume, pan, FX Option right there.
  3. To add better tool/s to make some rolls hats simple.
  4. Be able to add samples there without using Groove Agent or to completely bypass GA.
  5. And finally add some looping function per channel independently but synch with the project.

With all the above functions, there will be no need for for Beat designer at all…you just take it down.

In addition to the above, the possibility to save a drum kit and pattern/s would be great too. Ability to load a pattern of another drum kit and vice versa would be amazing too, a bit like the VPS Avener Drum Sequencer and how it works.

I’ve been requesting something close to this, so much and for so long, that I’m starting to annoy myself.
I don’t like the idea of getting rid of beat designer, but it certainly could be incorporated into the lower zone.
It’s crazy how many people here and on other forums talk about using 3rd party plug-ins for drums (battery, maschine, geist, etc)
Although it would improve workflow x10, I just don’t see it happening, unfortunately.

Groove Agent is their baby, so I couldn’t see them dropping or bypassing it when it comes to using drums.
I would honestly be happy with a simple redesign of beat designer that added a little more functionality.
(you can’t even add drum hits with equal value without manually adjusting the volume of each hit, for instance)
But as long as people keep speaking up, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Yeah, Beat Design is beyond outdated and is so limited at this point for drum sequencing that I’m guessing SB has just literally forgotten that it still exists within Cubase. Not only that, but the individual steps inside Beat Design are impossible to see no matter how much I tinker with my display to get the contrast and brightness just right to view them.
I understand the Drum Editor window is full of possibilities but it should be visually setup more like a step sequencer while keeping a lot of the same functionality that it has.
Groove Agent is nice for tinkering with samples and drums but the pattern editor is way too small and they don’t give you the option to detach the pattern editor into a separate resizable window which would help.
I just hope SB pays attention to this because it’s getting beyond annoying constantly asking for these things while not getting any sort of response and these types of changes implemented.

Logic has a great one, Studio One, as well,
Reaper, Reason and Ableton have them also, but aren’t as good as Logic or Studio One.
Simple, and very effective. Cubase is STILL lacking in this department, big time.
And maybe at the expense of new users.

I’ve been using Studio One for the past week or so, and it’s just fun.
I find Cubase very academic, for lack of a better word. I still use Cubase as my main DAW,
but the intuitive nature of Studio One really has me thinking,
because lot of things with Cubase seem to be a few extra steps, comparatively.
(it even loads in half the time)

I suggest people download a free demo to find out.

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