Improve frequency changes.

I work with Cubase Elements for about 2 weeks and have already noticed that the programme does well at playing the straight frequency/note, but it’s pretty bad at frequency changes. I’m talking about slowing down music from few seconds to even 3 hrs(yes, Cubase is capable of that) I write this because I can hear a difference between it and my previous music editing programme, TrakAxPC by HighAndes. It was a much cheaper programme(costed around $40), but it offered much better quality when it comes to such changes. I will give you an example: Carly Rose Sonenclar’s vocal run from her 2012 X Factor USA audition.On this YT video, it’s from 2:29 to 2:33:

Now let’s convert it to one-minute piece, by both TrakAxPC and Cubase.
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It doesn’t take a good ear to hear a difference
Can Steinberg company talk to their Irish colleagues and make them share their technology with Steinberg and users of it’s products?
The company gone bankrupt in 2015, but its staff is still there and - I hope - have the necessary know-how or even codes.
Any help will be very welcome.