Improve Layers / MIDI Track / Cubase 11.5 - 12

How to Layer Sounds on a MIDI Track in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube

Layers are a great feature of Cubase, however they have a big inconvenience or a bad design in my opinion, since you can have 3 different instruments layered into a MIDI Track, but if you go in one of the instrument tracks to the transpose in the MIDI modifier and go up or down a scale or to create a chord with different instruments, when playing the layer in the MIDI Track, it will sound as if no separate instrument was one scale up or down… It could be good to have an imporvement regarding this issue on Cubase.

Unfortunately, this is another feature in which FL Studio is years ahead, since they achieved a good design in this aspect, not to mention the fact that there the layers are unlimited in terms of instruments.

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