Improve Orchestral templates to use instruments

I noticed that the scoring templates are rather unimpressive, if a user purchases Cubase to write orchestral type stuff, they will soon find out they have to do a TON of work just to get started… Again I am speaking to Novice Cubase users NOT to intermediate/advanced users.

What the user first sees when loading a Scoring template? This!

User finds out he is outfitted with Microsoft GS WavetableSynth as the default Scoring instrument!!!
And to boot, all the GS instruments are Piano, every channel!!!

Please update the templates to include 8Gb and 16Gb scoring templates. This likely will cost no extra dough other than to compile a bunch of templates by the sounds guys…

Please Cubase comes with multi-gigabyte’s of sounds, don’t let the orchestral templates all load with all piano sounds.

The included workspaces and templates are pretty outdated anyway. They don’t make use of the lower zone, are made for a low resolution and pop up the floating transport bar.

yes I started on version 6.5 and am now on 9 pro and none the wiser. the templates should be really updated or the have a wizard like you get in musescore where you set your own template or one from a group of bands, quartets, orchestras etc…plus something to get around the vsts say halion a lot more easily.

That does sound like it’s inadequate and needs improvement.

But in the meantime, as a community, perhaps the more experienced folks here can help out.

A thread could be created where users can post templates they’ve already created for different libraries (e.g. Orch. Template for Halion Sonic SE, Orch. Template for GPO, etc.). While the forum won’t let you upload a cpr file, it will upload zip files that contain cpr files.

I’d do it myself, but I’m not an orchestral guy and have nothing to initially seed the thread.

I also don’t mind if people post ‘for sale’ templates as long as they were made to support either Cubase’s libraries or other popular formats. If there was enough interest a combined thread would work well.