Improve space between Chord Symbols and Diagrams at start of flow

When showing Chord Diagrams at start of flow, some of them collide with their Chord Symbols, as they may extend the baseline (see attached screenshot).

Is there some way to fix this?


There is an option to increase this distance. Its found under Engraving Options—Chord Diagrams—Design—#11 Distance from chord symbols.

Thanks! It solves the issue although it changes all other Chord Diagrams instances in the score.
The collision bug is only visible in the Chord Diagrams from start of flow—which they are not automatically wrapped.

@dspreadbury, is this planned to be fixed?

Can you attach a project that reproduces the issue, @albert0984? I’ll look into it further.

Of course, as simple as this new empty project, using Jazz Standards preset for Chord symbols.

chord_diagrams_collision.dorico (367.4 KB)