improve, the issue page

I think it would be better to divide the page Issue Reports
in different subgroups example:
Midi Section
audio Section
mixer Section
graphic Section

it would be easier to know where to report problems
and it would be easier to know whether a problem has already been reported

this is just a suggestion to facilitate the use of the forum :wink:

Also if you are having an issue and you post it in the Issue Reports section, the moderator should not put it in another topic which you did not pick such as Steinberg Lounge, or General. This is a blatant attempt to hide problems and I find it abhorrent. Biased moderation is simply not acceptable!

Mmm… interesting idea about the subgroups but,

This topic should have been posted in the “Forum Issues” section as it is not a feature request for Cubase 8.

Regards :sunglasses: