Improved Drivers from Steinberg

Does anyone know what the guaranteed latency you can set your driver at is and still record with zero glitches? I’ve made a leap from 2048 to 512. Should I be this weary of dropping lower? I would just REALLY be ticked to complete a recording session and find that my performance is littered with glitches.

Bane :slight_smile:

there are no guarantees on ANY audio device, it’s system dependent.

If you’re just recording, small buffer sizes dont matter, they only matters when playing live VI’s and if you’re not using direct monitoring.


I thought it might vary by system. I’m in one of those awkward situations where I can’t use direct monitoring, since I need to hear the metronome from Cubase pretty loudly. I’ve recorded about 45 minutes worth at 512 samples, with the latency barely noticeable (that’s about 15ms). I just wanted to hear how far down others have come since the new drivers for the UR and CIs.

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well my 24 stereo test track with a couple of Aether verbs and a few plugs that would previously need 256 or higher to play back on my laptop, now plays back perfectly at 64.



Here are my system specs:

Vista Dell Inspiron 1525
1.87 Processor
Dual Core CPU

I may try 256. My specs aren’t the best, so we’ll see how that does. :wink: Latency is such a big issue, since monitoring is so necessary. When wearing those heavy headphones with the clicking metronome, it’s hard to hear your voice/instrument well enough to sing/play with expression.

why not just use direct monitoring and make an audio metronome track? that way you don’t have to use low latency and your track can be as loud as you want. The whole point of these interfaces is the on board zero latency/integrated way they work with cubase.


Here’s the kicker. I’m actually using a CI rather than a UR. I simply came here since the interfaces and drivers are so much alike and there’s a whole lot more traffic; the CI forum’s all but dead. I’d never get a response. What exactly is direct monitoring (Google no help) and could it be achieved with a CI?


I agree with MC! Use Direct Monitoring and forget latency! You can use 1064 samples with no latency at all and taking advantage of the Rev and Comp in the UR Channel strip. Take a look at page 25 of the user manual and follow the instructions step by step! It works great for me! Succes!

ur directmonitoring.png