Improved Hub - Template Search and better organization, other features

I have many templates, per project type, job type, per creative parameters, per certain VSTis, and so on.

So being able to type in ‘Ha’ into a search filter, and see all my Halion focused templates, or ‘mi’ and seeing all my mix templates would be a very nice way to start my day/session, coffee in hand of course.

I think the UI could also maybe be better for the template section - a standard file tree where sub folders can be expanded/collapsed would be much better imo, and would allow users to customize their own folder organization system that mirrors to the hub. Could be a template display preference in the hub.

Another good option, would be able to right click on a template, and click ‘Import Tracks From Template into…’ User could then select a New Project, or Merge Into Other Template - merge tracks from one template into another as a new project.