Improved Midi Automation


I hope Cubase will support 14bit CC in the midi controller lane. It should be possible to display the two MSB and LSB CC messages as a single value. The advantage of having 14bit midi CC is higher resolution meaning smoother changes. As far as I know Pitch Bend is a 14bit value, and it is supported the in CC lane.

I also hope that Cubase will enable midi CC to control automation. One solution is to map a midi CC to each of the 8 quick controls. This should also work with 14bit values (MSB + LSB). Using “Remote Control” devices it is possible to control automation via midi CC, but it only works with external midi not midi tracks.

The advantage of having midi CC control automation is that automation is directly linked to midi parts. This would be nice when the same midi part is used multiple times, and it also enables automation to be bound to a specific midi note (a new feature in Cubase 6).