Improved Rhythmic Slash Functionality for String Instruments

Hello Dorico Community,

When notating for string instruments like electric and acoustic guitar that utilize strum patterns, it’s common to mark the chord’s first position and use slash notation for the remaining strums within the pattern. However, Dorico currently forces a choice between standard noteheads and rhythmic slashes, which can be restrictive. The workaround of using two separate voices for this purpose proves to be quite cumbersome.

Is there a more efficient method available for integrating both types of notation within a single voice? If not, I believe it would be highly beneficial for Dorico to introduce a feature that allows for a hybrid approach, blending standard noteheads and rhythmic slashes in a single part to accurately represent strumming patterns.

Thank you for any suggestions or considerations regarding this functionality

I assume switching some of the notes to use slash noteheads instead of using an actual slash voice or region isn’t quite up to scratch?

Yes, I have tried using slash noteheads as a graphical workaround, but this method sacrifices one of the key functionalities I value in Dorico’s approach to rhythmic slash notation—the playback feature. When using rhythmic slashes, Dorico retains and correctly plays the underlying notes, which is a significant advantage for accurate auditory feedback during composition and review. This functionality is lost when merely switching to slash noteheads, as it doesn’t preserve the underlying musical information for playback.

If you copy the notes into a slash voice then it is possible to get these to play back, if you turn on the “Play slash voices” option in Playback Options.