Improved ruler

I have an ongoing and regular problem of not knowing where I am in a track in terms of regular counts, i.e for a 4/4 track which most people write in it would be useful to have divisions in 4s, 8s and 16s graphically displayed. At the moment when you are zoomed in you get the same style of vertical bars for each bar or whatever the quantise is set to. If the quantise is high then it is very hard picking out regular counts. I really could to with different weights of vertical lines at the normal arrangement points to quickly confirm where I am without having to look at the ruler and do math. This problem is made worse by the ruler bar starting at 1 and not 0, otherwise I could at least look out for square numbers, is there anyway to change this? If not that is another suggestion!

You can set the project offset to let it start at 0. (Project -> Settings)

Ok that helps but I would still like vertical dividers.

Actualy this doesn’t help as the vertical dividers stay in the same place, it is actually more confusing.