Improved Windows 10 low latency support coming?

I have a UR22 that I recently purchased, and am using the most recent (v1.9.9) drivers. I’ve been playing with using Win10 AudioGraph to route audio among various devices. While Windows 10 has improved support for low-latency audio APIs (see, it appears that these recent drivers don’t provide support the low-latency mode.

To be specific, it appears that the drivers must report what the minimum possible latency is (in samples) when the driver is registered, which can then be used by the other driver layers to provide < 10ms latency for audio. As it is, the driver runs in the default mode with a latency buffer of 10ms, as is the default.

Are there any plans to improve the Yamaha Steinberg drivers to report this information so that we may run the driver in low latency mode, or is this not feasable?