improvement for Backup Project function

this function is great for archiving after everything is done to reduce the data to only the actually relevant and used audio files.
however, it also copies the files that are used on track versions that are still existing “in the background”. it can be quite time-consuming to erase all the old track versions on all tracks to avoid those unused audio files to be transferred to the backup/archive.
i suggest either that the backup does not take the “invisible” track versions into account when backing up or that there is an option to copy everything or exclude anything that is not audible/visible.


An option to exclude would be nice.

Mmm … it would then not be a “backup”, strictly speaking. Perhaps what we need is a means to “flatten” all tracks and just retain what is audible – a bit like the “flatten image” function in Photoshop, which reduces everything to just one layer containing only what is visible.

yes, a “flatten” option would solve the this.