Improvement ideas Cubase 6.5

I have some issues that I think would be very helpful for Cubase users. Here they are:

1. Deleting the entry from the Projects list: Now when you delete an entry, it will also delete the original project file. That’s no good. One should be able to delete entries on the New Project window without having to delete the project file. Say, like, you have renamed your project file and the old name still sticks there. One should be able to delete it by right-clicking and selecting “delete entry”. I have several reasons to declare this and I don’t wanna write them all down here, but even child knows that one should be able to delete - and rearrange - the entries in the New Project window.

2. Selecting an area of non-edited curve and adjusting it. There are lots of times and occurrances when I want to adjust the volume of a single area. I would like to be able to choose that single area and adjust the volume (or whatever) of that selected area only. And I mean that there initially would be NO EDIT POINTS PRESENT. Now I have done this so that I have marked the start and the end point of the area plus the points where I want the volume curve to apply. That’s too complicated. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to select an area and adjusting that area only?

3. Adjusting an over-all volume Now when the track has automation curve on volume it’s quite cumbersome changing the over-all volume of the track. Like if selecting all the tracks and putting them a bit lower since the master volume kicks over, then it would apply to only those tracks that have no volume automation. Those tracks WITH volume automation are completely ignored. I have told you this before, but even a lousy software called SawPlus32 had that “master” volume setting and I just can’t believe that Cubase doesn’t have it. It could be a default choice of editing and if you would like to edit the per-track individual settings then you would have to press somekind of “show automation” button on the track editing area. It sucks counting all the tracks where you have this volume automation on and having to adjust them individually. Also when one would like to adjust the over-all volume of an automated track, it’s too damn hard selecting all the entry points and adjusting them. I’m sure you will agree.

4. RAMPS for MIDI single note adjustment: When you edit a single note in MIDI channel you only get this bunch of dots regulating, say, volume. There should be a capability to do RAMPS just like in all the other areas of Cubase. Don’t you agree?

5. Cubase to remember each project’s output settings COMPLETELY: I hate when I change a project from mixing (where output file is WAV of course) to mastering (where the output file I wanna be MP3) and Cubase won’t remember those settings per project. I hate having to change this output format every time since I tend to forget to change that and I often write the output file as in wrong format. Like I have earlier done mastering to MP3 and that’s a whole new project and when I change to the mixing project the default output again shows MP3. Not a big thing but I would recommend nCubase remembering that choice per project. At least I wouldn’t have to do everything twice.


Here they were. Hope that this makes a difference.

In regards to 3 and 4…

  1. you can do this already with the pencil tool.

  2. I to would like this but the reason it is like it is, is due to the 1-127 MIDI limitations.

Also, it’s fairly easy to adjust the ramps now if you select all the dots you can adjust the overall depth, ect…

I would however love to be able to rename the CC lanes and make maps like you can with drum maps. This would be a godsend for me.

Totally agree with 1 and 5.

2 and 3 are… already part of Cubase, I thought? In the key editor and project window, I can select a range of points and edit them, be them volume or any other kind of automation. I can make new points and edit those, also draw in curves whether the area is selected or not. If there’s data there already, I can overwrite or edit it. Don’t know why you have to select a range to edit, is that a hidden thing in preferences somewhere?

In any case, could you explain the differences between what you suggest and what we’re doing now? E.G. how do you do these things now (step-by-step), and then how you would like these things to be done.

For 4, you can draw lines for ramps with the line tool. It makes a ton of points to approximate the incline, but, as was said by De-Fine, this is kind of the nature of the beast.

If you mean that you want spline-like entities for automation a la FL Studio’s automation clips, I’m game for that. It certainly won’t change how things sound or how the DAW interprets the data, it just makes drawing and manipulating curves, ramps and lines a little easier.

Yes but it is still not part of the overall volume group if you select all the tracks and try to adjust theirs’ all volumes. And everything hassling beyond those just isn’t good enough.

Hi man. I’m so glad you wrote. So what I mean with the curve of points is that when I want to make, say, a tuning to bass like it would be sliding down the neck, I have to draw the line manually and it writes hell of a lot of dots there. I would like to be able to only do a “ramp” with the starting value (in cue) and the ending value (many keys under the starting value) and make it as a ramp - not just drawing some stupid dots all over and hoping I’ll get them right with my hang-overy hands.

I hope this was all you needed clarification for. If something else, please write and I’ll be more that happy to explain everything.

Please PLEASE could you explain to me how this can be done. I don’t know and this would be a great thing for me.

No taht wasn’t what I meant. I want to be able to adjust ALL TRACKS’ VOLUMES with one click. I mean I could just select all the tracks and adjust all of their volumes at once. I don’t want to adjust them individually.

So that there could be somekind of an master volume to all the tracks. No matter wether there’s automation or not. This current situation sucks cause one has to always adjust each automated track individually. That aside it would be great to be able to adjust the over all track volume with one adjustment. Can’t you just understand that?

No you don’t seem to have the slightest idea what I’m talking about. This is just why I hate forums. They are filled with people who think they know everything.

You shouldn’t start intelligence talk with me since you would only lose. Read my post one more time and answer if that’s what you feel.

Please don’t terll me that you don’t know the diffrerence between a master track and the normal tracks?? You should know my friend that if the initial track kicks over there’s no way to shut it down with a master track. I guess you didn’t comprehend that.


This is just why I hate forums. People don’t just get it.

No but I only wanna make a RAMP. Not a line of dots. I don’t care if it’s MIDI or not, you still should be able to make a ramp.

Yeah, just like you said. “the overall dots”. Thats’ not what I’m trying to talk about.

No they are not.

I’m trying to explain how to adjust the volume ON ALL THE TRACKS WETHER THEY HAVE AUTOMATION OR NOT. Every track should have their master volume setting. And I’m sure that this will be featured in further versions of Cubase and all of you will be saying “this is just what I’ve wanted”. Blaablaa. But this would be an excellent enhancement in Cubase. ActuALLY it would make it perfect. Having the kind of a master volume setting. I really hope that the administrators of Steinberg read this since this is essential. It cannot be right that one has to manually adjust each automated track. That plain sucks.

Have a look at the Project Logical Editor. I’m pretty sure it can adjust volume automation for multiple tracks at the same time… In a given range or across the entire timeline.

In that case you’d probably tell it to do 2 things since some tracks won’t have volume automation, raise all volume envelopes by 1.5 db and increase the fader volumes by 1.5 db… or whatever (assuming fader gain is in there, don’t recall for sure). As you said earlier, the latter won’t have any effect on automated tracks, will be over-ridden for those tracks as soon as you start the transport… But it will match the gain change for non-automated tracks.

Something to try anyway. Project Logical Editor.

Just as an FYI, some mix engineers put busses after the automation so they still have manual post-automation control if necessary. That might also be something to consider in the future.

Thank you for your answer. I will look into it. But I still find thsat awfully hard way of adjusting the overall volume. It should be a whole lot easier and shouldn’t need anything like Project Logical Editor or nothing like that. I’m sure it will do the trick but it still too damn hard. Mixing the overall volume is however so common need, that it should be able to be managed lot more easily.

Most people just move the master fader or put a gain plug on the master if they prefer to keep the master fader at unity… if they need to adjust the level coming into the master bus.

Anyway, I hope you get it sorted. Good luck to you.

Yeah but master gain is not the answer if one or more of the tracks are clipping. I hope I can it get sorted too. Currently it’s too hard.

I think you should read up a bit on the 32bit floating internal processing and how that works.
It is impossible to clip internally. You can raise the channel faders to max and gain 10dB with EQ if you want, you will not clip internally.
The only stage where you should be careful is the masterfader since that’s the output to the digital to analog converters.
If clipping, lower the masterfader!

You cannot compare the old analog way of mixing with digital… What was the norm in analog is not the same in digital. Especially not when talking about 32bit floating point processing.

There is a project logical editor preset that you can modify that’ll change all volume automation. only it’s in % not dB IIRC.

Or you can select all volume automation and use the info line to drop the automation level across all selected in dB

And/or switch on automation for all relevant tracks, put an automation point on all tracks not automated and apply the above then switch off automation for the non automated tracks.

Or select all non automated tracks that are relevant and drop by the same amount, link faders.

slightly convoluted but usable.