Improvement in Cubase stability after removal of iLok plugins

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this experience in case it helps anyone.

I like many here would hit the dreaded “hang on close project” issue very often with Cubase, both 9.5 and recently 11. I noticed that it was reporting an issue communicating with the dongle as the Protected Object Server process would appear in Task manager during the crash.

However, since uninstalling iLok License Manager and my few iLok plugins, I have noticed that Cubase is now extremely rock solid. I have not had a single lock up when closing a project nor a crash at all.

I was previously mainly using iLok plugins by Relab Development, primarily their beautiful Sonsig-A reverb.

As such, I won’t be touching any more iLok plugins ever again as this has really helped my productivity and lowered my frustration factor :slight_smile:



very interesting - yes indeed I have iLok manager installed and also do experience shutdowns in Cubase when I close a project.

However, I am not even close to dumping using my iLok plugins for this reason :slight_smile:

I hope Steinberg and iLok will look into this information

Yeah I respect that. Fortunately, I mainly depended on my iLok for Relab reverbs which I’ve just replaced with ValhallaDSP reverbs. I luckily didn’t get too deep into the iLok plugin ecosystem before figuring this out.

I should also mention that I would authorise to a physical USB iLok dongle (the latest metal revision). I wonder if using machine authorisation would help avoid this issue. The tricky thing with machine authorisation is if your system crashes, you have to beg each of your vendors to reset your activated license count. Now Relab is very good about this apparently (I’ve asked them directly before), but not sure about companies like Softube .etc.

I’m not sure who to talk to about this. Do I report it to the manufacters of the plugns? To PACE themselves? To Steinberg? I have close contact with Relab but I highly doubt it’s their issue and PACE and Steinberg support are things I avoid where possible. :slight_smile:

I have had the dreaded “hang on exit” problem with plugins, too, but it was definitely never related to iLok. Despite what you often read online, never had any problem with iLok (physical or machine).

Interesting , ive stayed away from ilok for 20 years because of the horror stories but for the SSL and Inflator ive installed and it seems ok but it’s down to the individual plugin makers that have the issue and the biggest NON ilok cause of lock up on exit has to be AA plugin’s and ive also had this with RICH , so i think you just have to be very careful about what you install instead of buying loads of stuff and filling the comp up with unnecessary loading

I have dozens of ilok plugins but no problems during close.
I had problems with Softube as long as I was on Windows 7 with outdated graphic drivers, but since I am on win 10,no problems anymore.

I’m using lots of iLok dependent plugins along with Cubase - without any discernable issues due to iLok.

Some plugins depending on iLok misbehave from time to time – as do some without iLok requirements.

p.s. The hang on exit problems I’ve had in the past all seemed related to Cubase preferences file corruptions.

Sadly on my system, it’s very prominent. It just happened to me now on an older project that used Exponential Audio R4:

I’m in the process of ridding myself of anything iLok at this point as it really hampers my productivity and leads to frustration.

I will be attempting to switch to machine authorisation to see if it helps but I’ll still be limiting what iLok plugins I use and buy moving forward.