Improvement Needed for Creating a New Template from an Exisiting Project

My request is that a proper function for “Create a Template from an Existing Project” be implemented. During that process there could be some options that are offered in a popup dialog that would allow for saving the template with or without certain attributes (could use some suggestions for the available options).

Explanation for my request…

Creating a new template from an existing project is a fairly convoluted process and IMO is not properly documented in the CB op manual. This is because if you just hit the “Save as Template” button the saved template will refer to the existing projects media data (basically the audio files in the pool). Because of this the CB op manual states this prerequisite:

“PREREQUISITE Remove all clips from the Pool before you save the project as a template. This ensures that references to media data from the original project folder are deleted.”

Well… if you did that on the original project you would be destroying that project by trashing the audio files forever :unamused: .

To get around this you first must perform a “Backup Project” on the original project. This creates a project that does not refer to the original project media pool files (it has copies of the original project media pool files). Now you can delete the media pool files from the backed-up project and then hit the “Save as Template” function. Like I said, it’s a convoluted process which needs to be fixed.

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One pop up option that would be useful during this process would be an option to create the new template from several different projects going into the one new template.

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I think it would be interesting to be able to import projects with the possibility of being able to choose what we want to import.

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