Improvement on inputting notes

I am just wondering if it has gotten easier to input notes in Dorico. When I tried Dorico, the software kept changing the notes that I entered to some other notes, which can be extremely frustrating. So I am wondering if this problem has been fixed now.

Could you give an example?

I can think of cases where e.g. entering off-beat crotchets might initially be entered as tied quavers and then might revert to a crotchet as the bar fills up - that’s an option in Notation Options (Ctrl + Shift + N on Windows, Cmd + Shift + N on Mac).
Also there is an option when entering notes from a MIDI keyboard where it will allow spelling of notes to be adjust retrospectively, depending on the key - you can turn this off in Note Input Options in the MIDI Input section (Ctrl + Shift + i on Windows, Cmd + Shift + i on Mac).

Mozarta, do you mean different pitches, rhythms, or both? I enter my notes exclusively via midi (to me it is so much faster) and I do this both with a small desktop midi keyboard and a full 3 manual + pedals organ console. In both instances everything works perfectly. I’m also wondering whether or not you were entering transposing instruments and whether or not the score was set to display in concert pitch or not.