Improvement: option to include click in audio export

I just spent a few minutes waiting for Dorico to do an audio export to WAV, then when it was finished, discovered that the click was included.

I see why it was (the click is enabled in my toolbar), however, in my opinion, this is something I would rather catch before I wait for a bounce that has it included. Any chance you would consider adding this option within the Export Audio dialog box – i.e. a checkbox that lets you include or not include the click? That seems to be a more user-friendly solution than assuming the user wants whatever they were using for playback. During export audio, the high likelihood is that the user wants to use the audio rendering in another context, which is not the same reasoning the user might have the click enabled during Dorico playback.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve made a note of this, and we’ll consider it for future updates.