Improvement To File System

I like to use Groove Agent 4 SE. I can not see where on my hard drive these files are saving to. I can save and load a preset or kit (which is not in the same place) or I can export and import (at a third location in the GUI). This all gets confusing when I am working on a song. Where are the currently used files stored? It does not say where I intuitively think it should at the point of save/load. I’m used to using the Windows File browser. I understand that. This system does not work for me. Why did you reinvent the horse Steinberg? Not sure why it has to be this way.

Hello, you are on Windows, right?

The presets can be stored in any place, on any hard drive. It is user-selectable during installation.
If you didn’t make a selection, the install paths are the following:

C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content (if you choose to install for the current user only)
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\ (if you choose to install for all users).

Vstsound files are containers, though, you won’t see any individual files.

I would like to see where my files are at all times. This should not be made invisible to me while I am using Cubase. Just as when you save a song or loading a song, you can clearly see where it is going to or coming from. It should be this way for any file you are saving or loading be it a preset or whatever. I do not like the Cubase media browser system. It is very confusing. My request feature, allow the Cubase user to see the full path of all stored media also allow them to save and load anywhere and make this intuitive and obvious, not a hidden feature. Hiding file paths was an idiotic idea by Steinberg.

I would like to see everything located within a single parent folder. Easier to backup restore, easier to troubleshoot.

A folder which users can specify after installation and which is clearly visible at the point of saving and loading. You should not have to navigate to that folder every time. It should remember what folder you last used.