Improvements for Cubase 10

I am using Cubase Pro10 in MacOs 10.13


It should be useful that the Panel color could be closed using the same keystroke that open it. So, I propose to open/close the Panel color with the same shortcut.
Also it would be useful that the Panel color closes when workspace changes.

Export shortcut (key coomands) configuration in excel file, or txt file.

I would like that key F1 were free to use it like a free shortcut. As far as I know, F1 always open help file and it’s not possible to change it

When you clic on a plugin that is in the insert section, that plugin is opened in a new window. I propose to make a color line below the title bar of the window opened, with the color of the track window.
I have the same eq plugin in the insert 2 of 6 tracks.
Every 6 tracks have different name and different color.
If I open the 6 eq, the name of the track is written in the title bar of the plugin window.
What I propose is to add a thin line of 1 pixel between the title bar and the plugin gui, and this thin line with the color of the track.
It will help a lot, because visually you will know very fast in wich track it’s the plugin window (sometimes you have several plugin window and it’s boring to know what is the plugin window). I think this thin line with the color of the track would be very efficient and intuitive

Create a new button in the track controls, with a Tack icon. When you clic the Tack button, the track would be blocked at the top of the window, and also always visible. For example, if you have 50 tracks in a project, and you clic the Tack icon of the track 25, that track 25 goes to the position of track 1, to the top of all tracks. If you scroll down the widow and you select track 40, track 1 will be visible (in this example you would see track 1, and below tracks 40,41, 42, etc.)
It’s the same concept of blocking/freezing rows in Microsoft excel. You can block the 3 first rows and scroll down or up and the 3 rows are always visible at the top of the screen.
This improvement would be great mainly for Marker tracks

There is a old option in Cubase that is divide the project window in 2 parts. You can put tracks in the upper division or in the lower division.
I propose to create 1 more division, to having 3 division of the project window: Upper division-Center division-Lower division.
Next step is to connect the 3 divisions of the project window with the 3 horizontal zones of the mixer tracks.
The tracks of the upper division of project window would be automatically synchronized to the left division of mixer tracks.
The tracks of the center division of project window would be automatically synchronized to the center division of mixer tracks.
The tracks of the lower division of project window would be automatically synchronized to the right division of mixer tracks.
Obviously, if you are in the mixer and you put one track in the left zone, automatically that track will be moved to the upper division of the project window.
This improvement would create a really good organization of tracks, and it will improve the workflow of the engineer.
IMPORTANT: It’s indispensable that the organization of tracks in the mixer areas/project windows division are immutable.
Nowadays, if you open mixer 1 and mixer 2 and mixer 3 and you synchronize the 3 mixers, they synchronnyze eveyrthing except the left, center and right areas. That have no sense for me.
It would be better to make immutable the tracks at right, center, left in mix (and upper,center,lower division in project window).
Also the organization of tracks like this must be constant if you change of visualization preset, etc.

The important part of your improvement 5 I think already exists. if you press the ’ / ’ (Divide Track list) in the upper right part of your project/events windows you can divide the section like in excel. The second part though, to have a “command” that add them to the upper section is a ‘feature’.

I know the “Divide track list” option.

The improvement 5 that I am proposing is to have the option of having in the 2 divisions of the track list, one or more tracks that are are always on the top.

So, in the upper division you could have tracks 1 to 20 with 2 tracks always on the top, and in the lower division you could have tracks 21 to 40 with 3 tracks aways on top.

It’s complementary.