Improvements for Future Cubase (give us the brush finally)!!!

Hallo everyone!

These are my Missing features I would like to have in Cubase, so far.

1.) volume and pan controls directly at the tracks impliment for easy fast workflow.

2.) While holding down the mouse button and sliding several tracks mute or arm.

3.) More flexibility when scaling between tracks and mixer. Acts very rigid and static at the moment.
Touch dynamics can not quite pull down. You are always looking for space. Switching between sliders and insert effects is also possible by scrolling down. The current layout with the sidebar can be kept quiet. One could incorporate in the options as a free “scaling feature”.
These features are innovatively solved in Logic X.
However, Multiwindow option is to be maintained in Cubase necessarily. It is very useful.

4.) Also zoom in by scrollwheel as soon as allow to cycle at the top.
Right-click and drag is sub-optimal, because when moving the fader always automatically unintentional zoom arises if you do not move extremely precisely the mouse. You can let the user decide which zoom option he wants. I personally like the MouseScroll Zoom feature as you know it from FL Studio a lot.

5.) Speaking of keyword piano roll in my opinion in FL unbeatable in terms of workflow.
What would be so wrong with a cool FL like brush tool?
Should be able to draw the note length like the pen. Move notes with Click & Hold and clear them with right-click.
That would be a simple workflow boost spares annoying back and forth.
For the instrumental tracks, I would also recommend using the brush, simply to take over FL behavior. Click and paste.
The patterns are so much faster and easier to copy and you have in seconds a rough song arrangement. Such a super brush is really missing here.
But even in any other DAW except FL Studio, it almost seems like a patent on it.
No one would complain, but many would probably make leaps in the air and eventually switch to Cubase, because there are really countless useful and innovative features on board.
Oh yes, please, if the coveted brush comes even small scaled notes easily grab and move. For right now, for some reason, this does not seem to work reliably.

6.) The chord pads also play only briefly when clicking and immediately stop playing micro movements with the mouse. There would simply be more scope really good. Is not that bad but feels a little strange.

7.) Maybe not all of us have this problem, but I’m having a hard time. On a Full HD 48 inch TV monitor, the output size of the charged VST is one tick too big. Some Vsts can therefore neither be moved nor scaled down. The ability to load all the Vsts a few percentage points smaller would solve the problem. You can pull it back up as needed.

8.) VariAudio 3 could tolerate a scale quantization in which I can enter the key.

9.) Have not yet found out if a tempo and a Key Scale recognition is on board. If not, a car key would be missing to complete the feeling of a complete package. This is very nice with Cubase.