Improvements in key editor as the in Dorico 4.3


I want to thank the great work that the Steinberg Dorico team has done also for version 4.3 of which I particularly appreciate the new possibility offered in the key editor.
Cubase already offers the splendid possibility of working on multiple midi parts to be displayed in the key editor.

This is my request: In the new Dorico you can select/deselect the parts to view and choose the one to edit. I would add that it is also interesting that the midi parts in the foreground have a more vivid color than the non-editable ones, thus allowing the active part to be distinguished even better.
In Cubase it is convenient to be able to view and edit multiple overlapping midi parts but I think it would be a big step forward to work here too with the improvement offered by the Dorico key editor.
Thank you, I hope my request can be taken into consideration and shared by other users.

For clarity, I add the screenshot of the new Dorico part management