Improvements of the key editor?

Problems with the Key Editor

I would like to use dorico for iPad exclusively with the Apple Pencil. This would allow for maximum mobility. In my opinion, the best interface for this is the Key Editor.

Unfortunately there are still some problems.

  1. the zoom setting changes constantly and the focus is lost.
    Also, the view of the score rarely matches the section of the Key Editor.
    This happens e.g.
  • when switching editors
  • when clicking on the chain icon
  • after changing the velocity
  • after changing the note duration independent of the note value.

After each window or editor change, both the zoom factor of the key editor and the window section of the score have to be readjusted. This hinders the workflow immensely.

Once a zoom has been set, it should be retained until the user sets a new one.

It should be possible to hide the popover for the zoom setting in the lower right corner. The zoom factor on the iPad is set by spreading the fingers.

  1. when entering a note, it should be possible to access the velocity immediately, even without switching from the pen to the arrow and back.
    At the moment it takes 4 clicks to adjust the velocity after entering a note. A simpler and faster method would be desirable.

  2. controlling the velocity of a note within a chord is very difficult. Both in the score and in the velocity editor, other notes of a chord or even the whole chord and sometimes even neighboring notes are often unintentionally selected.


I have now installed Dorico SE on the desktop Mac for testing purposes. I wanted to know if the described problems only occur in the iPad version. No, the strange behavior with the arbitrary zoom settings also occurs in the desktop version. Likewise, it is hardly possible to individually affect the volume of individual notes within a chord. So it is a general problem…

We will be working on improving the editing of individual notes in a chord via the velocity editor in a future update.

As for the zoom level in the Key Editor, the thinking behind this is that when linked mode is available, the zoom level should be determined both by the rhythmic range of music in the system in which the selection is currently, and by the range of pitches in that range of music, so it’s natural for the zoom level to change as you select different parts of the music, if linked mode is active. If you disable linked mode, then you should find that you are free to navigate the music and to set the zoom level as you wish.