Improving the Entire MIDI Paradigm of Cubase from Input Selection to Note Editing

I’ve created many threads over the past couple weeks specifically about MIDI, but I wanted to group them all together in one thread (as well as a couple others) because the summary of them together would be a potent update.

Sort of in topological order (but maybe importance as well?)

1.) Improve The MIDI Input/Output Selector

2.) Need for Enable/Disable MIDI Chase per track

3.) Event Names Obscuring Data Problem

5.) Show Event Colour somewhere/better on Muted MIDI Events

6.) MIDI Track Edit Mode (Edit All Events in MIDI Editor)

7.) Need Logics style of MIDI Velocity Nodes

8.) MIDI Parts Selection Menu Should Mirror Colours of Parts

9.) Creative Skew/Transform Editing of MIDI Notes

10.) MIDI Part Versions (Like TrackVersions)

11.) Customizable Multi-Grid Grid Mode

12.) Multiple MIDI Channel Editing/Display

13.) MIDI Part Parts (Flocks) Like Audio Parts


Drum Map Improvements

Rename CCs

Expression Maps