Improving the key editor - more.

Please make it possiible to confine entry to scale notes of the key. Less hunting and pecking

In the controller lanes what most of us do manually, in 4/4, is raise the velocity of the first beat and the third slightly less. The second and fourth beats being less velocity. Though we can do all sorts with parabolas etc, this most common procedure has to be done manually. Similarly in 3/4, the first beat is raised.

I think the key editor should be able to do this and be able to modify such velocities, so that one can raise only the first beats, the third beats, etc.


It already can, using the logical editor. Look in the presets under ‘Experimental’.

Might you consider asking how to do something/whether a feature already exists before making a feature request? That’s my feature request for ZeroZero GMBH today. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no presets here for logical editor it’s blank. Also I mean the ability to do this easily in the key editor, not the logical editor!Ai7g90pI7-tKgeROKQuziAnFI3CPHA

The Presets should be in the C9 Apps data folder under Presets/Logical Edit. Maybe they got lost during upgrade? Copy from 8.5.

After the initial onetime setup it is easy to do via the Logical Editor. I have 3 LE Presets I use for this - one increases the Velocity on beats 2 &4, the second increases the Velocity on beats 1 & 3 by a larger amount, and the 3rd randomizes all the velocities by a small amount. Then I built a macro to execute all three of the Presets and assigned it to a Key Command. Now I don’t need to open the LE at all, just hit one key and it’s done.

If the difference between the highest & lowest velocities is too big or little that’s easy to change in the Velocity controller Lane. To compress - select all notes and drag/scale down to reduce range then drag/absolute up to raise values. To expand do the opposite - absolute down, scale up.

Here’s the missing folder. Put it where Rodger said it should be.
Logical (40.5 KB)

I didn’t know we could attach zip files as the upload tab implies only image files. :smiley:

Here’s the my 3 presets.
Accent (1.73 KB)

Thank you all, I am away for a while, will give it a go

Nice presets. (It is up to us to infer! :stuck_out_tongue: )

It appears that these presets are on my system, but not being read by C9. They are in the folder Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 9/ Presets. User presets seem to be stored in user/app data/roaming/steinberg/logical edit. So, when I copied the files over this solved my problem with their location.

Looking through the folder Cubase 9 Presets I find that all the other presets are not showing up either.

It makes me wonder what other presets are not being read?


Cubase does not look at those files except to re-populate the settings folder if you delete it.

This is the path to the settings folder: %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\presets

Hit Windows-r to get the Run dialog and paste the above path.

Check out this knowledgebase article. It has official SB info that will interest you.

Thank you for the link, it is saved in my favourites.

Here, all the presets for MIDI Inserts are blank when used through the inspector, though I find them in C/program files/steinberg/cubase 9/presets. Logical editor in Cubase here reveals no presets (except user defined) as stated. Also,
Key Commands does not show anything either- e.g. “Cubase Classic Key Commands”. “Logic Key Commands”, “Rendering Key Commands” etc.

When I tried using the new Profile Manager to transfer my prefs from C8.5 (which were changed by me) it wiped my C9 prefs and replaced them with defaults. This may or may not be related.

Maybe I should just chalk this down to experience.

I shall take a deeper look at the logical editor now…