Improving visibillity of menues for visual disabilities

In Windows 10 the use of Alt + Shift + Print keycombination will give you high contrast designs(HQ).

At the moment Cubase 11 will not support this resp. will act in some curious ways. This means, if you start in HQ mode, the menu bar will be black with white letters and the menus will be light gray and the letters are dark grey or black.

After certain click the pull down menus will vanish. If you switch off the HQ mode the top menu bar will stay black and the menu entries are black too and no longer visible until you move the cursor over the entry. Than it will lit up in the normal menu bar entry color. The pulldowns than will be light grey with black or dark grey letters again visible. Call it a bug or an unsupported color scheme - it is a mess if you are visually impaired and go much more comfortable with higher contrast menus.

Therefore I would suggest to give this Alt + Shift + Print HQ Color scheme to the user interface for better visibility.

Therefore the pulldowns should follow the color scheme with black background and white or or max 10% grey letters. Thank you in advance also in the name of all others which has the same problem.

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