Impulse responses for REVerence

Just thought I would toss this one out here, and see what’s biting. :wink:
Can anyone recommend a good… no wait… a great impulse response library for use in REVerence? I’m thinking a collection of bread & butter responses… rooms, halls, plates… for mixing.


here :
Lexicon 960 & TC System 6000 not epensive & a Bricasti M7 Free !

thank you! very interesting! the impulses certainly sounds really good! :smiley: Cudos for the free (or donation) Bricasti M7 impulses. :smiley:

I’ve been using “Impulsive” by Timbral Research. It was made for TL space, but I have been loading the impulses fine into Reverence and it sounds awesome. They have like 4GB or so of impulses… 480, 960, pcm70, bricasti, etc, etc, etc. A LOT of them.

I actually wonder the same thing, but I’m only interested in impulses for pure post-production. I don’t mind concert halls and churches (au contraire), but I’m not interested in sampled outboard. I’m especially looking for nice outdoor responses, strange buildings, and vehicles!

check out Altiverb 7. Its what you want.


It’s also what he cannot have - Mac OS only, with no PC version in sight.

I already have Altiverb 6, and I’ve budgeted for V7 as soon as it’s released for PC, but quite frankly I’m a little disappointed in the outdoor impulses provided. There are many rooms I truly love, but the forests sounds weird and “roomy”, and the street-impulses are extremely obviously recorded with either a guitar-amp or a not very impressive PA-system. Possibly through a dynamic mic. Reminds very much of a SM58 through a cheap PA on an outdoor gig, except no bottom.

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There seems to be some nice stuff there

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