in 10.5 32 notes before the barline do not show up in score editor

Hi there,

Installed 10.5 and there is something weird with the score editor. I have in measure 2 just before the barline two 32 notes as an upbeat to measure 3. Strangely enough these don’t show up in the score edtor. I can hear them being played and with the arrow keys I see them in the info line but won’t show up in the score itself.
I set the quantisation to 32 also with 32 rests.

In measure 5 again I have two 32 notes but in the middle of the measure and there they are visible but as soon as I want to convert them into grace notes they disappear.

I never experienced this in an older version of Cubase. Has anyone experienced this?




Could you attach the project (or a snipped of it), please?

Hi Martin, I will. Yesterday I was working on Cubase 10 on my laptop and the 32nd notes and grace notes show up.

Martin, how can I send you the .cpr file?


Just share it via Dropbox link or similar service, please.