In a flow, rehearsal numbers show only blank boxes when bar number is selected as the sequence type

Dear users and developers,

Suddenly, rehearsal numbers show only blank boxes when “bar number” is selected as the sequence type in a flow.
I am attaching a screenshot and the Dorico project file. Could you explain the reason for this odd phenomenon and the solution to resolve the problem?
I do not think this is a bug of Dorico, but I did something wrong. However, I could not find the reason.

It occurs only in a flow.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Screenshot 2021-08-07 at 6.42.28 PM|455x500

reporting example.dorico (804.2 KB)

If the flow in which this occurs includes some independent time signatures, then I believe this is a known limitation.


Thank you! The problem is resolved. What you pointed out was the reason of the problem!

By removing the independent time signature, I could resolve the problem.
However, I have another problem in the same flow:
“Add bar number change” is not properly reflected to the rehearsal number. Please refer to the picture attached:

For this section, I provisorily use letters instead of numbers.

In general, rehearsal marks certainly do follow bar number changes, but I suspect the bar number change is actually only applied to one of your local time signatures, and so Dorico doesn’t “see” it when it comes to display the rehearsal marks.

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Again, I have the same problem which I had posted on August 7:
Regarding my previous example on August 7, I agreed to Daniel’s explanation, but I could not find the exact location which causes the problem.

I have the same problem again: I added a rehearsal number at bar 5, but it indicates 1. I do not see any reason why Dorico shows 1 instead of 5.
I am attaching the Dorico document. Could anyone in the development team or advanced users help me?

reporting example 2.dorico (626.3 KB)
Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 7.59.41 PM|690x91

You’ve set the rehearsal Mark’s Sequence Type property to Numbers. That means it’ll be 1 unless you also set the Index property to a different number.

If globally you want Rehearsal Marks to use Bar Numbers, you need to set that at Engraving Options > Rehearsal Marks > Sequence Type > Bar Numbers, and you need to not override it in the properties panel.

Or if you only want some rehearsal marks to follow bar numbers (I’m not sure why you would, but people have strange needs) you can override just those ones in the properties panel by setting their Sequence Type property to Bar Numbers.

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Oh, thanks sincerely!

I had selected “bar number”…
How could it happen?
My eye or my brain was our of order… OTL…