"In A Spin" A fast moving psychedelic breakbeat experiment

Here’s a Hard Break beat psychedelic experiment , this is the 3 minute version ,there’s a 6 minute version being mastered soon .

This is not music I typically listen to but here goes anyway. To me the overall sound appears as it should. However, I was expecting the track to grow a lot bigger after the drop you have around 2:03.

Hi HKo . Thanks for listening and reply mush appreciated .
I hear you , about after the break , im still playing with the final 6 minute version so yes i know exactly what your saying , i’ve hit a writers block , i’m lucky have got this far lol . But it will be evolving quite a bit more than the basic track ,i didn’t want to give it all away in the 3 minute version :wink:

I like it
maybe you could hit harder at 2:04 min mark

Cheers Masoomi , I know exactly what your saying , watch this space :wink: