In a Spin (extended instrumental )

Hi all feedback welcome on this unmastered track , i’m just waiting for some vocals at the mo and this still needs a little bit of editing but after 18 months i’m having to go back to full time work so this is how it is until i feel less tired . (headphones advised

Hi FilterFreq, seems to have a lot of potential. Looking forward to the version with the additional vocal tracks. Overall, the sound is good to my ears.

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Wow , thanks Early , love the comment , nice way to wait up in the morning , yep it’s still in the making but it is what it is at the mo , i have a good vocalist working of some different styles for the track so lets see .
Thanks for your feedback much appreciated

Hi FilterFreq,

I took the time to listen to this piece and it sounds very good to my ears. I’m curious to hear the melodic lines of the vocal that will be added, I hope it will be soon.

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Thank you for the feedback , the lyrics should be done soon . Glad you enjoyed it ,
Thanks :smiley: