In a tangle trying to end voice

I am trying to put back large sections of notes into the up-stem voice 1, having mistakenly entered them after a temporary second voice. I just learned how to do that on the forum, but now I am in a big tangle trying to delete rests. The ones inside tuplets behave strangely, If I delete one, then the other, the other one comes back (which strikes me as weird). I do hope I have not blown up my project. The picture shows the current situation for a section:

If there’s nothing left in the 2nd voice anywhere, try saving, closing, and re-opening the project. Dorico automatically cleans up unused voices when you close and reopen projects.

What happens if you select the whole passage (including the rests), right-click > Voices > Change Voice > Upstem Voice 1?

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Excellent - and I did read this. But I still have bars of the second voice, so this does not work. What to do now? Choosing ends voice on the last rest does nothing to help, as far as I can see.

I see you’ve withdrawn. In case you hadn’t figured it out by yourself: you need to ensure the tuplet brackets or numbers are selected before you Change Voice.

Yes. Figured it out and recovered from the stall. Thanks! Dorico works brilliantly, when one knows how to fly it!

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