In-app purchasing error

Greeting, yesterday i purchased Cubasis 2 and immedeately activated it. But when i try to buy in its shop Waves and other stuff it was showing this error. I have all my updated and still same error. Could you help, please?
Thanks, Dmitriy.

Hi Dmitriy,

So far, we did not experience any in-app purchase errors.

Please try the following:

  • Log-off your iTunes account
  • Shut off and restart your iPad
  • Log-in to your iTunes account again
  • Give the in-app purchase another try

Hope that helps to solve the problem.
If the issue persists, please get in touch with Apple.


Thanks a lot, Lars!. I’ill try these steps and let you know if it worked.

I contacted Apple they guide me though some steps I tried all and still no progress. Same error. Apple said that the problem is most likely in Cubasis itself. Actually, I guess it`s in Cubasis because I have no problems with another apps in store. Any ideas how can I fix that?

Really need help :frowning: Just want to use all features of this app.

Hi Dmitriy,

Please have a look at these tipps and let me know if these are helpful to solve the issue:


I just purchased Cubasis 2.7 myself. It’s running fine. The in-app purchase of the waves plug in bundle worked out fine. I tried to buy the FX Packs but now I get the in-app-purchas error like Dmitriy. I tried all the other in-app purchases too but get the same error every time. I checked my payment settings in the App Store, I logged out of the App Store, reset my iPad and logged in again… same result. Please help!

Hi Jorg B,

I’m sorry to hear that you have issues with your in-app purchases.
Unfortunately there is not much we can do from here, since purchases are fully handled by Apple in this case.

Please search the web for App Store problems and tips how to solve these.
I’m sure these will be helpful in solving the issue.

Hope that helps.
Please keep me updated if it does.