In C10.x do expression maps send midi messages on transport stop?


I posted this in the C9 forum but no one can help so thought I’d ask here if C10.x manages expression maps differently…

I love expression maps and use them liberally across my template of hundreds of tracks. However, every time I press stop, or advance frame-by-frame using the key command ‘Transport - Nudge +1 frame’ (which sends a stop message every frame), messages are sent to every connected instrument or plugin attached to any track using expression maps. This midi signal is visible on the little midi indicators flashing in Kontakt for example. This slows frame-by-frame scrolling down significantly which is problematic if you are working in film or TV!

I have tested this extensively. Removing all expression maps speeds up ‘Transport - Nudge +1 frame’ markedly, especially on huge projects. Re-instating them slows everything down because (reset?) messages have to be sent from hundreds of tracks before the next frame can be advanced.

Any suggestions? Workarounds?

Note, I have the first expression map slot blank. Disabling latch mode has no effect. And turning off all chase events in the preferences makes no difference, nor does having ‘reset on stop’ switched off.

Can someone with C10 test this for me?

Cheers - Brett


This has been discussed here on the forum already. Unfortunately there is no way.

Thanks Martin.

I’m sure there’s a technical reason why expression maps needs to send out messages on stop but as a user I can’t see it. Surely it could be like chase midi messages in the preferences, something we can turn on or off. Certainly that would be my feature request!

Cheers - Brett